《Strolling around》
The publishing company:Arts and Culture Press

It is very appropriate to describe Tian Xutong’s painting state using the posture of strolling around and looking for something east or west. It is said that the Oriental Art focuses on the feeling, while the Western art focuses on realistically. These years, for that intersection point, Tian Xutong has been drawing ink paintings, and oil painting .Although he has occasional focus, he has never stopped. The work Strolling Around exhibits Tian Xutong’s creation in recent years. The ink and oil paintings are separated in two parts in this book, which make people see the comparison and mutual integration of the Ink and oil painting in his pen. It seems that the method of this creation is different, but it can make the two be in the judgment of the subtle image language, and form a cross-referencing painting context and conscious expansion.

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