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The whole water reflects the single moon - Tian Xutong "The whole water reflects the single moon, while the moon reflects the whole water", that is, everything in the world can embrace and integrate into each other, indulge and accompany each other. The mountain and rivers are the happiness for the benevolent. Finite and infinite man and nature embody the spiritual realm to deeply praise the life. A piece of white paper can show the most beautiful picture, while a piece of white paper as an empty space can accommodate the whole world. Of course, the free casual black ink strokes on white paper can clearly distinguish white and black and easily expose human nature, goodness or evil. It is quite easy to copy or imitate others on the white paper, but it is quite difficult to transform others’ shadow into the true self based on the imitation. The method to get freedom is nothing more than enriching your mind, slowly becoming steady from an "impatient" people, so that you can "bury your light and reputation, cultivate your wisdom and quality, become slightly lively or much static, forget the inner and outside world sometimes." Buddhism contains an unlimited world to be explored, and different social backgrounds, experience and thinking will lead to different interpretation methods. Whenever creating ink paintings and tasting "Master Hong Yi's motto", I always feel that I am reading both the text and myself. In fact, usually the layout has occurred in my mind before I really run the pens, and the symbolized image has been determined in advance. However, it is difficult to find the proper combination way and abstract another layer of spiritual philosophy. At this time, accurate graphics and the drawing manner and techniques, coupled with form and interest, become affiliated, and what’s more important is to gradually calm down my fluctuating emotions, by read great Master Hong Yi's article or listening to a piece of "High mountain and flowing water". The power of sub-consciousness can support my view, and then clear mind and calm state can help me to naturally express the spiritual highland image I want to show. At first, I hoped to learn Master Hong Yi’s calligraphy featured in free and stable, refresh and unique creative style when reading "Master Hong Yi’s motto" in detail. Then in Mr. Feng Zikai’s article, I learnt that Master Hong Yi became an overseas student from a handsome noble, and then became a teacher, then a believer, then a monk. However, he performed well in each position. Then I appreciate his ability to shift roles and express corresponding characteristics, and to complete worldly matters with religious spirits, rather than just painting and writing. Ancient artists have set good examples in integrating poetry into pictures, according to the literatures about ancient painting. In Song Dynasty, the examinations with "Mountains with temple deeply hidden" and "unmanned boat swimming automatically" as topics were held to select painters for Academy of Painting; certainly, that there is poetry in a painting and painting contains poetry is different, since the artistic conception of text can not be just simply expressed by pictures. In contrast, I prefer the taste of illusion and philosophical factors in text to direct literal interpretation. Intuition of visual image silhouette the abstract text, which helps display aesthetic taste or a sense of self awareness. The saint’s believing is simple but with deep meanings. Master Hong Yi has said: "those who can find the core of the dense flowers and branches must turn to proper means." With the time passing by, the complex details and the in-depth reading will be followed by simplicity for summary, and our thought and visual experience should be expressed and enhanced by our profound cognition.

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