Tian Xutong’s Ink Painting Exhibition Asia Tour (Taipei Stop)
  • Place:Art&Julia’s Gallery, Taiwan
  • Date:Sep. 05, 2014—Sep. 14, 2014

The protagonist relationship between artist and his artwork reflects the relationship between ego and the other, namely the seeking of subject for ego. Through arranging the position of protagonists in their artworks, artists can master the protagonists from various levels and aspects completely, in order to open egos in life and pursue for the perfection, so as to master themselves. Each piece of artwork created by Tian Xutong may be treated as an individual event; however, based on the overall research, we will find the way he portrays to connect the changes of the protagonists in each field, namely the method he uses to find and confirm the ego. However, this sage, who seems like the other, is actually the manifestation of the imagines of “ego” and the other; he is both ideological and practical, passing through various spaces and imagines multiple survival states. The unbridled flow of brush strokes has shown the feature of “having fun”. Therefore, “having-fun” doesn’t indicate lightness, but a kind of attitude. Only the comfortable “having-fun” can pass through the protective screen of “egocentrism” to instantiate “ego”. -Yang Yaling, Art Critics, Taiwan, China

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